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IDP Digital Signage Floor Stand LCD Kiosk:

At the beginning people went to change the advertisement in each lcd advertising display(device, hereinafter) one by one. Assuming there are 800 devices, it will be time-and-labor consuming. In order to solve this problem, one embedded solution came out. It connected the devices together to a server by wifi – network IDP digital signage lcd advertising display. Actually it was not good enough, especially when the wifi signal is weak or there are too many devices.

With the improvement and popularization of Android OS, the light of real network lcd advertising display appeared. The IDP Digital Signage Android LCD Advertising Display(device, hereinafter) is a perfect solution for remotely management. First Connect the devices to the internet either by wifi, LAN or 3G. Second open your pc and deliver the advertisement to the devices easily, no matter where the devices locate. The stable Android OS makes the device work 7/24 hours safe and sound.

What’s more, the IDP digital signage Android system provides an access to users which make it possible to customize personalized applications. Users can define their own styles advertisement.

Main features:

1.IDP digital signage floor stand version with metal housing, easy installation.

2. Eye-catching and fashionable design.

3. Auto start at timer switch time.

4. IDP digital signage's A grade screen and stable performance, 24/7 hours work.

5. Support HD 1080P video, formats such as: WMV, AVI, MP4, RMVB, MKV, VOB and MOV etc.

6. IDP digital signage support scrolling message, split screen, weather display, play logo and real time display.

7. Built-in clock system, safe using.

8. Can be landscape and portrait style displaying.

9. IDP digital signage' s optional functions:PCAP touch, 4G, printer, camera, high brightness, real 4k, customized Android applications(*)

10. Available size: 32inch, 42inch, 46inch, 55inch, 65inch, 70inch, 75 inch.

11. OEM/ODM service is available.

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