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46 Inch Frameless Video Wall:

Video Wall(LED backlight) is used to display pictures(or videos) in large size screen.

46 video wall

For example, in the traffic control room the officer wants to know the real the real traffic flow in a certain area. The display area on a wall is about 10 meters X 3 meters. There are 60 on-site cameras. Each camera tells the situation of each working site. How to realize this need?
The 46 inch frameless video wall can do this. For the 10 meters X 3 meters display wall, it can be divided into 60 sub-screen windows(each sub-screen is a single display). Input 60 signals from the camera into the video wall(60 displays). Now you can see the 60 working sites on the video wall. If you want to see clearly the situation in one working site, just choose the corresponding display and then the whole area of the video wall only shows this single display. It is 10 meters X 3 meters. How clear it is! The most important is that the gap between two displays is pretty narrow, which doesn’t decrease the view effect.

The video wall can be LCD display, DLP display or PDP display. Below are the main features of LCD Display.

Main Features:
1. 46 inch frameless video wall, gap(between two displays) is from the original tens of millimeters to current millimeters levers as 6.7mm, 5.7mm, 5.5mm.
It is said Samsung will release 3.5mm display in 2014. If that comes true, it will be a ground-breaking improvement of lcd video wall.
2. High brightness and high contrast. The brightness is 450cd/m2 or 700cd/m2 which can meet the demands of indoor environment. The high contrast up to 4000:1 can display the picture in a pretty vivid way.
3. LED backlight. It is a kind of energy save technology, as well as small size, long lifetime and no radiation etc. Meanwhile it can re-show the picture vividly and in the original color.

4. The picture on the video wall is uniform because of led backlight and the light compensation point technology.

***Available size: 46 inch, 47 inch, 55 inch.

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